I have a new referral who is from the Dominican Republic that can understand and write English but is somewhat hesitant in her progression because she has some questions about Kyle's videos.

She would feel more comfortable asking someone who understands Spanish. Can any of you fine WA Spanish-speaking members help me?

Her name is Rosa and her profile is below. Please reach out to her, perhaps welcome her in Spanish. I would appreciate it!


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Iosbourne Premium
Hi Robert,
I guess that her concerns are about accuracy when writing in English
She can write her questions in Spanish in the 'Google translator' and will get a fairly accurate translation. She can then check the translation, for grammar accuracy using the program, Grammerly.com
I will use the same technique to post to her profile in Spanish.
Ibhar Premium
I will help her in all I can
Loes Premium
You are aware of the scripts Jean has written too?
She wrote out the text by the videos, easy to translate

boomergp08 Premium
Didn't know these were done. Thanks Loes for letting me know. :)
Loes Premium
My pleasure Robert:)
GeoffGS Premium
Robert. I speak Spanish well enough to greet, and welcome her. But I wouldn't be able to give her the time required to help with everything she's gonna need help with. What about a good translation app for her? Not sure what's out there. I'll greet her though for now. Geoff. The friendly
pitin Premium
That is a bit tough Rob. I hope somebody can always help her as the trainings are all in english.