I am attempting to launch my site in the Make Money Online niche and i recently wrote a blog asking for help and to connect with like minded entrepreneurs who are in this niche, I had four comments, 3 were valuable and one wasn't.

This person has wrote:
Fleeky Premium Top 100 Follow Me about 14 hours ago
You can go for chocolat money or candy stuff?
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Really ??? Am questioning the authenticity of the platform, I thought it is built for entrepreneurs, great minds think alike ??

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GeoffreyC1 Premium
It is what you make it. Use it for its training and services and you'll be fine.
Kyle Premium Plus
Yeah, that is an odd comment indeed. I would disregard.

You will get "normal" communications 99.9% of the time, but do know that we are a community of 2 Million+, so there are people here from every country all over the world, and all walks of life...and all experience levels. That is part of what makes the community here so special as well.
laugher Premium
Thank you Kyle.
siamjerry Premium
I have been here for six years and find that most members are very professional. After all, this is a business and we all want to make some (extra) money.
Yes, some people like to make this a sort of FB, but they are very few. WA has very strict measures on what is spam and if violated, action will be taken up to the point of exclusion of the community and this program.
I see you are a starter and propose you give it a little more time to see where you go. My strong advice is to follow the training, perform the actions requested and move forward.
Irishredrose Premium
I think they did not read your post in its entirety because it appears that they were giving you niche ideas. I agree that it is not particularly helpful answer to your post but you received several answers and one from Kyle himself.

I also think English is not said persons first language (I could be wrong).

We are all just members like yourself who are trying to help the best we can.
AbieAJ Premium Plus
Hey Aaron,

I'd ignore and move on. On a post if you do not like what other people had wrote, you have a choice to either reply to them or mark as spam and / or delete.

You can do this top right corner of comment, click arrow and these options will be shown to you.

Sometimes people don't read what you have to say or briefly or have no interest in helping, and therefore in my opinion if they have something valuable to say, then say it otherwise don't bother.

We are happy to have you here. By the way congrats on your first site.

You may want to review this post via Kyle
laugher Premium
Thank you, I really appreciate it.