Dear kyle,

I am unable to upload my profile photo, which is stopping me from completing my profile, also, when I try to use the live chat messaging service, I keep getting this message.

"Access to live chat has expired- upgrade now to get unlimited chat access, help, and support".

I have sought advice from other members, who have been very willing to help, I have followed their instructions, but still to no avail.

I'm wondering if you could tell me what I doing wrong, please

warmest regards,

Jason Moore.

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feigner Premium
on firefox you can left click on hte padlock symbol to clear the cookies for that site ... it may be worth doing that
if all else fails then it is worth getting in touch with support at
and seeing what they can do...
good luck getting it sorted
AbieAJ Premium Plus

I would empty browsers cache refresh and try again. Try a different browser or mobile device.