HI everone,I have been on my site this morning, but now I'mean trying to log in wits the credentials I usually use I cannot get in.

This is very strange to me, if there is someone who can help please help?

Thank you.

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JeffreyBrown Premium
I hope you get it sorted, Elodie! I'm not having any problems on Chrome!

mjcharland Premium Plus
Hi Elodie:

Try with the browser Firefox.
lesabre Premium
Hi Elodie, I have not noticed a problem but it seems Abie is aware of this situation.

In the meantime have you tried a different browser. Someone mentioned they were having problems with Chrome.

You can also try emptying your browser's cache, and re-booting.

Best wishes,

RowanAsh Premium
I find the WA site really slow on Chrome... perhaps it’s my aging technology, but I love the idea of using Firefox! I wish I’d thought of that. Thanks!
mbouteiller Premium
Hi Rowan,

I've been having the same issues with Chrome. Very slow editing articles in WordPress but on FireFox, it's been very fast.

AbieAJ Premium Plus
Hi I would reach out to support

AbieAJ Premium Plus
If this is related to logging onto WA

Many people are effected, hopefully a fix soon.

I'd recommend emptying cache refreshing and try again or try in a different browser or mobile device.
If you have "Automatically log me in from links in email notifications" turned on, then from your email inbox associated with your WA account, click on any link, you'd be logged in.
That can be set up from within
If all else fails you may reset email or contact support
But now you are logged in, you can ask a question.