I bought a domain. how to use it?

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davemc2019 Premium
Hi, firstly congratulations on owning a piece of "Virtual real estate". How to use it. Well if you purchased your domain through the WA domain registration then it will be pointing to the hosting package that you got with your premium membership and from there just go to the website tab on the left sitebar, click on your siterubix.com site and click transfer to transfer your siterubix site to your new domain (That is your new site) from now on this is where you will be editing your site and adding posts to it.
Hope you have a lot of luck with your site and remember we are all here to help you
GeeEss Premium
merlynmac Premium
Assuming the domain is hosted or pointed here you can start using it right away.

If you have a site already built here using the siterubix.com domain you can move it to your new domain (assuming the new domain is for that site). To do this go to Websites > Site Manger and then click on the Move button for the existing site. You can then choose the To a domain I own option and select your domain from the pull-down menu.

If not, then you can start building a new site on the new domain by going to Websites > Site Builder and building a site for a domain you already own.