How would you "Clone" a good/working site?

(Take a snapshot of a website & put it into a “Staging Area” where you can make changes without affecting the live site?)

How would you keep the "Cloned" site up to date?

How often would you update the "Cloned" site?

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KatieMac Premium
good question and a bit too technical for me see Mark has given a detailed answer, hope it all goes well
Mark Tait Premium

It is possible - say you either had your "clone" site on your local PC (you can install PHP, which WP runs on, along with a web browser), and then use a backup service such as BackWPUp to back up your main site.

You could then restore it (using BackWPUp) on your local PC.

You can then browse to the site using the localhost url, eg:


Alternatively, you could setup two separate hosting accounts with two different providers. These two providers will have different IP addresses for the site you setup with them.

By changing the hosts file on your PC, you can make your PC point to one site, while the "internet" looks at the other one. You can then swap nameservers for your domain name, if you want swap from one to the other.

The other alternative is you could setup a siterubix site, eg:

Your main site may be

Then make a backup as before, using BackWPUp, and restore it to the siterubix one.

Then change what you want on the siterubix site - and then you can either:

1) use BackWPUp to copy it across to the live site again or
2) use the transfer site option to automatically transfer the site from within your WA control panel, to the live site

All the best, Mark
JohnCWS Premium
You would have to download your complete site, then view the files offline. You would also have to re-download it as often as you would like to mimic the live site to keep the files fresh.
wb5yjs Premium
Would it be possible to have two buttons:

Is such a 'Feature' possible & dependent upon the 'Hosting Company'?

Using “WPEngine” as the Hosting-Company allows for taking a snapshot of a website & putting it into a “Staging Area” where you can make changes without affecting the live site?

They have two buttons:
“Copy Site From Live to Staging” &
“Copy Site From Staging to Live”

Do other Hosting-Companies have that Feature?
JohnCWS Premium
Yes, it would go by hosting company. You are now talking about having your own sql database and full control over everything. I'm not sure how WPEngine is set up, but I glanced at it. You could, as I mentioned, download your site files and then view them in the staging area (which is offline) to make adjustments, then upload and rewrite the files to the live site.

This is how the internet was founded way back when. Before there were a million different hosting companies. They were a few that offered x amount of space and you would have to build your site offline, then upload the files and put the site online.

I would do research and fine something that best suits your needs and wants. As far as WPEngine, remember I glanced at it, there payment options are pretty high. If you would go with the $29/package, that offers you 1 site.. and only a limit of 25k visits/month .. which might seem like a lot, but after you grow, those numbers are so tiny you would laugh. Also, with WPEngine, you will be doing everything yourself. Everything that WA does behind the scenes here. So be sure you know what you are doing, esp when it comes to sql databses and cpanels, etc.
wb5yjs Premium
Thanks for your thoughts & opinions. If you have a chance to delve deeper into WAEngine, keep me posted on your review.

I wonder if "Genesis" has such a Feature.
JohnCWS Premium
You can follow Mark's guide that he just posted. It goes along with my initial post about having to download your site. It's just 6am and I didn't want to go into depth. He gives a pretty good summary of how to do it.

Also, If you are interested in Genesis, I highly suggest hooking up with Gary. He's been working with it for awhile now