I was doing some research today and I come across the @ being in a domain name which seemed strange as I have never experience it before, but to my knowledge they are present in email addresses i.e. info@mydomainname.com

So how about https://mydomainname.com/@category/xyz

How can I do this in WordPress? Why would I want to do this? Is there any benefits to it?

Thanks guys

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edhozubin Premium
Excellent Question Lula.
jmg52 Premium
Very interesting question. Informative answers
AbieAJ Premium Plus
Hi Isaac got you covered.
webcash2us Premium

‘?’ and ‘=’ are reserved characters, just like characters such as ‘/’, ‘;’ and ‘@’.

They’re reserved for a specific purpose and should only be used for that purpose.

Some may still work but the SEO end of things would not be good. Also I've read that the url strings may break in some browsers.

Hope that helps.
CheungIsaac Premium
It's not recommended from seo perspective. It's only used by some big social media platforms for displaying the user name. But if you like, you can go to settings -> permalink to customise it.
countrylife Premium
Hello Isaac and thank you.
Are you aware you are my Hero? I went again to check your blogs, you seemed to have deleted them I'm not asking why. But I really appreciate your quick response. I value SEO, so I will not customize, just wanting understand.
Wishing you well, definitely continued success and a terrific day.