I have several websites running on vps, I want to move them to WA, how can I migrate them to WA?

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JaneSuperMom Premium
I just went through the migration of a website yesterday. Step one is definitely create backups of your sites. Then you have a backup of your database so that if there are any issues you can contact site support.
Then you can move over your nameservers and again if any issues contact site support. They were very helpful in moving over my account. The one issue was they type of backup file for them to use. We had to generate 3 different ones from a wordpress hosted site in order for them to upload the data.

I hope that helps
jessory Premium
Ok, I'm understand, thank you.
codevonish Premium
There is a search bar at the top of the page, where you can ask any question you wish and if there are answers they will appear in the menu-The space reads- need help ? ask you question here-
ask your question-how to transfer an existing website to WA?
It is the easiest way to get answers right away.Good luck
jessory Premium
Thanks for your suggestion, I will try.