Had a bad connect when I was in the middle of video reconnected and no video play button?

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jghwebbrand Premium
Welcome to WA. We are delighted to meet you.

Glad your issue was resolved.
Thanks for including the title for the issue. To make it easier in the future when you have a problem you may want to also include the lesson number you are in when the problem occurs. It just makes t is easier to identify the issue.

We wish you well as you continue learning and applying.
JeffreyK1 Premium
Thanks again for your help and I look forward to working with all of you going forward. And that worked great 👍
feigner Premium
try pressing ctrl+f5 when on the page to refresh your browsers cache...
or click on the padlock and clear cookies and site data...you will need ot know your password to do this one....
i hope you get it resolved