`I am passionate in technology field. I am planning to create my first blog on technology. My question is that it this profitable niche?

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feigner Premium
when you say you are passionate in the tech field can you describe more
and who would you target with the tech-who are you writing for.
technology is more of a area then a niche
are you talking phones, tv's computers, information, there are so many different areas and they all need dealing with differently.
have fun
maybe start a sitecontent document and write it down and once you have an area you want to explore then break it down into categories and then think of 6-10 things in each category to write about.
this will give you a clearer plan of how to setup your site.
remember to build your audience first and then monetise it
CoachClaude Premium
From what I understand about a niche, in tech industry, find out in search engine a keyword that answers a question after you've narrowed it down to the type of product you wish to write on. Phone, computer, tv, AI, Internet and answer a question. Keyword themselves narrow down what a consumer is looking to get an answer for. Something like, how to disable map history on my phone so that trackers don't have access to all the places I've been too. Most of them will be answers to "how-to" questions. How to mirror your laptop screen to a tv? Knowing about how to prevent falling prey to social engineering spam messages.
feigner Premium
but that is further down the line - first you need to define what you are going to create your site about and who you are talking to
you can choose tech industry but your efforts wil lbe so thin to cover the whole of the niche that you will need t oproduce thousands of articles to make any difference at all within the tech niche.
if you choose phones then you have narrowed it down a bit or tv's or computers but to target the tech niche....
i agree that you will be takling low hanging fruit keywords - but you first need to decide on what topic your site will be on
so Sushil needs to narrow his topic from tech products down to one smaller area he is really interested in and then start looking at the problems in that area.
CoachClaude Premium
Do you remember a tip from the training of a niche being broad? If there is a keyword, and they've showed you how many visitors it would get, it means there are consumers looking for information on exactly that keyword which is like a question to the answer they are hoping the internet would provide.