I have been asking questions, but I am not getting clear answers, well a few :) I believed in @TonyHamilton live chat statement that upgrading is the right thing to do and his responses was very clear, and it was my choice to upgrade.

But I want fast track, and so how can I achieve it?

Many suggested that I follow the training step by step, but I am not built this way; my learning is scattered. I can be reading something from level 5 then jump to Level 2.

Teach me Please :) Thanks

(I am NOT complaining)

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JeffreyBrown Premium
Just follow the training, Lara! While you are keep producing quality content along the way, this will be the ultimate way to get you where you wish to be! people who are successful here do this very same thing!

Think of WA as a university! In the University, we were not able to fast track--we had to put in the work getting the education. We have to learn how to crawl before learning how to walk, then after that, we can RUN!

Patience and perseverance are key elements to success!

jn232 Premium
Well said, Jeff.
Thank you for the advice.

JeffreyBrown Premium
Thanks, Joe, and you are very welcome, my friend!

bazboy247 Premium
There is no such thing as fast track it does not exist so stop chasing it as it will slow you down the fastest way is the slow way
jn232 Premium
I do agree with you, Barry

roysinOnline Premium Plus
Hi Lara.

Your question raises some more questions back :-)

What do you really want? Why did you register as a member with WA? Have you narrowed down WHO you want to serve and help?

If not you need to do this or else you have little if no chance of succeeding. Another important thing is that the journey you are currently doing is best done if you work on your ability to change.

You say you are not built to follow a structured education that takes you from point A to B. I highly encourage you to work on yourself and follow the training as it is laid out. The reason is that is done like this for a reason to help in understanding the overall picture.

Jumping back and forth between the lessons will only confuse you, and trust me, it will result in you having to go back to the same lessons several times and redo the work you have already done on your website. I have had to do that.

it will take you a lot longer to reach your goals without following the structure of the training.

The advice to follow the training step-by-step is the fastest and most "solid" way to succeed through blogging. Check out Cassi´s (Cassi of Troy) journey to where she is now.

Another excellent source to follow step-by-step is ParthaB, which has written articles on his blogroll here at WA that will take you by the hand to create literally tons of content on your own website that will attract visitors like bees to honey

There is no shortcut to what you want. You have to put in all the work needed to build a solid foundation of the business you are building at the moment.

Every successful marketer will tell you the same thing.

But a good piece of advice on this platform is to follow Jay´s (MagiStudios) ongoing 14-day Case Study of building an online business from scratch. It will help in "kick-starting" your online business venture and clarify what you want to promote and who you want to serve.

To Your Success!💪😊

feigner Premium
the training is structured in a way that will help you build out your site in a logical manner...
you will now need ot be a lot more disciplined to go through it in a logical manner and not try to predict what you think you should know now....
if you think that you know better than the designers of the program who have many years of online experience then why upgrade...
is there a fast track....well sort of ...
create 30 pieces of content all with good seo and targeted to your audience in the next two weeks...
then style your site a bit more...
then apply to affiliate programs...
then start to write 3:2 useful articles to promotional articles....
and wait for google to catch up for three months....
filling in the details is what the training will do...so go through it in a logical manner...
you won't get google to speed up ....google works at google speed...
if you want really fast results then you will need to have fairly deep pockets to pass paid traffic through your site....
you can always run the training at 2x speed ( the little gear at the bottom of the videos will allow you to speed Kyle or Jay up)
good luck
LaraCro Premium Plus
Thanks :) I appreciate your response.
DianeScorpio Premium
Hi - you have said it yourself, you cannot follow the training by jumping all over the place.

The lessons have been set out in a specific order to give you the best chance of success.

There is no fast track, building a website for affiliate marketing is a slow and steady process.

The most important aspect of your site at this early stage is adding lots of content.

Nothing much happens until you have written at least 30 posts.

Why not give yourself a break from training for a while, as it is clearly distracting you, and just concentrate on writing your articles for a while?