Hi! I made a mistake and entered my hotmail account instead of my gmail account when I had to set up my payments in PayPal and when I try to change it, I can't it says I have to contact site support so it would be really helpful if you could fix this for me.

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AbieAJ Premium
Great question, great answers.
Jaz333 Premium
Hi, if you wish to change the payment method which you are charged each month for your membership, you can do this within your account settings. Click on your profile photo in the upper left, then Account Settings. Scroll down to Subscription Settings and click on Payment Source ... there you are able to change the paypal address from which you are billed.

Hope that helps!
EdwinBernard Premium
Click the $ Sign at the top right.

Then Click Stats in the pull down menu.

Click Payment Settings on the right.

Then correct your PayPal Email address that shows up. You can edit it here..

I hope this helps.

MarionBlack Premium