I would like to know how many words should a blog post be ? I would like to start my first blog but confused as to how is the format for a blog,

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davidjustin Premium
Don't worry too much about forcing yourself to write a certain amount of words, it will get easier with time. You just want to get good at seeing or using a product or finding a news article and turning it into your own words. Get good at making stories and connecting with people through your words like your talking to them directly. Most people get robotic with there blog posts and they seem unauthentic, so my suggestion is just work on some short blog posts, being creative, taking some ideas in a niche and just speak in your post like you would to a friend sitting next to you. You won't hurt your website by having a few short blogs here and there. You just want good content that people will want to come back for when you post something else. Its all about making it fun and not a job. :-) Hope that helps. Cheers
feigner Premium
i would turn it around and say that the topic you answer is more important than finding out the length of the post...
you want to have varied length of posts on your site answering different types of questions.
simple questions ideally 1200-1500 words
more indepth questions 2000-2500
mega questions - 4000+
if you can find the simple questions for starting your site then you can get a few of those on your site to add interest and go on to add more indepth answers.....
have fun
MMH32 Premium

Go for a minimum of 1000 words, with time your writing skills will improve.

same here 500 plus for a review and for a wider blog article 1000-1500 words generally. There is good guidelines in the training and the templates can help in site content.
weixiangW Premium
If you are referring to your website's posts, WA recommends at least 1000 words for each post as a beginner. As more progress have you made, you might develop a couple of your own writing templates with different word counts for different purposes.

If you are mentioning blog posts on WA, there actually has no regulations for how many words for each post, while there does have some rules prohibiting several specific topics like religion, politics, hateful language and so on.

Hope these can help you. Best wishes,