One of the most common questions I hear from aspiring entrepreneurs is...

"How long does it take you to earn money?"


"How long did it take you to go full time online?"

Personally, it took me around 3 months to make my first income online...and close to a year actually before I really had a handle on what I was doing and 2 years before I completely was running a self sufficient business.

2 years, a long time right?


If you are working a job, how long have you been working that job. Say you have been working at your place of employment for 10 years and you are earning $60,000 per.

It has taken you a full 10 years to get to $60K per year. And maybe if you work another 10 you will get up to $70K...or even $80K.

Big deal.

That is 10 years.

What if you took a year, invested it to yourself and your business online. What could you accomplish?


What if you decide to spend 4 years at this instead of going to school for 4 years to get an education that will likely be useless when you come out of University? Imagine what you could accomplish in 4 years working for yourself.


So the next time you go to ask someone how long it took you to earn what you earn, think of your current situation and think about how long it has taken you to get into your position you are in now.

If you are 40 and you make $40K per year. You have spent 20 years (post high school) of your life working to reach a salary of $40K.

Why not take some time to yourself and see what you can accomplish. A lot can happen in 6 months...a year...2 years...5 You just need to do it!

I just wanted to mention before I leave you today that if I gave up in my first few months online, I would not be where I am at today.

I have been full time online for the last 15 years, working from wherever in the world I like, truly enjoying the freedoms and the lifestyle of the Internet.

A month, even a year is a blip in time to invest into yourself and your business. If you put forth the effort, the sky is truly the limit and you not only have the education and the tools here at WA to take you to any level you want online, you have an incredible amount of expertise to "lean on" every step of the way.

I would love to hear your feedback on this topic and if you have any comments, questions, or stories to share, please leave them below.

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lodelrey25 Premium
Hi everyone .We can not bring back time.Those wasted years should be forgotten.Concentrate on today and on tomorrow.Believe it [ even if they are just a small percentile of the population], when others say that they have reached that status of success just because they are enjoying the fruits of it already .The only thing that are stopping us from joining that elite group of successful people is fear, problems,worries and anything that hinders us into becoming one of them.So for me, even though my pace is slow I know someday that I will make it.TO me, Redric and to everyone new to Wealthy Affiliate move forward and GOOD LUCK.
it took me one month of concentating on stuff you guys are web designers etc i on the other hand am old soldier of fortune US,israel,.... etc i have no notions of what happens ...I have no reason to pretend i have preconceived notions not a chat room guym or any kind of that see potential like money(never bad to have)
no worries folks i just have a lot going on i see the [potential an for the risk and reward no problems ,yet am on shoestring at present in more ways than one fairly simple ,information prsented in a simple way will have it down fairly fats monthly fee better than rasonable (a standard web host is triple that but @ present my days in the physical work world are kind of killing me )i'm about afew days out from sitting down with it and finishing several things if i i didn't see potential ouldn't be a guerrilla in th mist on this .. who would have thought @45 or so you could do it ? i like to think ,works well,never been much of one to ask for help(stubborn as thye come eh ???? it'll all work out the reaserch may have ende here? from what i've seen it's everything from web designers to "mechanics' like my selfdon't have long before i have to hit work forgive lake of punctuation and syntax....i have the google ones i'd like to import just D'ONT understand monetization yet. when i do's all gonna happen once again thank you Who would have thought 20 years ago TV was going out as a medium for advert and a fellow such as my self may have a chance?talk to y'all later
Rpetry144 Premium
So in other words you are not going to tell us how long it took you to get to where you are today. The thing is, it doesn't really matter how long it took. Success does not come at the same rate of speed for everyone. Much of it has to do with how much we know and how much we put what we know to action. It also depends on the time we are willing to spend on our success.

No. This is not a nine to five job where we already know what our wages are and what our cieling for wages will be. With any business, we are taking a risk. Some risks are greater depending on the type of business, others not as great. None the less we are facing the unknown in this matter.

I think too that what you were trying to say is that we have ourselves. I am my best asset in my business. I am the only one who can make it succeed. One thing that I can say is that we are not alone here at WA. We get a great deal of support. We are well educated. But even so, my success still depends upon me and what I make of this education. If it takes me a year then it takes me a year. If it takes more than that or less than that, it will depend upon what I invest in myself and in my business.
BBrandt Premium
I just recently joined WA. I have issues physically that make me unable to work outside the home. I have spent many dollars on programs from drop shipping to surveys that never panned out. WA has offered great tools and training at a more than fair price. I am under watch by my wife so I show her my progress on my site until I can show her the money. Work constantly and you will be rewarded of your labors.