One of the most common questions I hear from aspiring entrepreneurs is...

"How long does it take you to earn money?"


"How long did it take you to go full time online?"

Personally, it took me around 3 months to make my first income online...and close to a year actually before I really had a handle on what I was doing and 2 years before I completely was running a self sufficient business.

2 years, a long time right?


If you are working a job, how long have you been working that job. Say you have been working at your place of employment for 10 years and you are earning $60,000 per.

It has taken you a full 10 years to get to $60K per year. And maybe if you work another 10 you will get up to $70K...or even $80K.

Big deal.

That is 10 years.

What if you took a year, invested it to yourself and your business online. What could you accomplish?


What if you decide to spend 4 years at this instead of going to school for 4 years to get an education that will likely be useless when you come out of University? Imagine what you could accomplish in 4 years working for yourself.


So the next time you go to ask someone how long it took you to earn what you earn, think of your current situation and think about how long it has taken you to get into your position you are in now.

If you are 40 and you make $40K per year. You have spent 20 years (post high school) of your life working to reach a salary of $40K.

Why not take some time to yourself and see what you can accomplish. A lot can happen in 6 months...a year...2 years...5 You just need to do it!

I just wanted to mention before I leave you today that if I gave up in my first few months online, I would not be where I am at today.

I have been full time online for the last 15 years, working from wherever in the world I like, truly enjoying the freedoms and the lifestyle of the Internet.

A month, even a year is a blip in time to invest into yourself and your business. If you put forth the effort, the sky is truly the limit and you not only have the education and the tools here at WA to take you to any level you want online, you have an incredible amount of expertise to "lean on" every step of the way.

I would love to hear your feedback on this topic and if you have any comments, questions, or stories to share, please leave them below.

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Tika era korero koutou ma! Yes society has institutionalised into the "way" of living. handed down by our forefathers who either came up with the idea or were forced to believe that idea. Although i move through this work with apprehension i do carry excitement at what could be. Ultimately being rid of the 8-5 monday to friday as well as the thoughts of where am i gonna be able to afford that and there is not enough time to do this i will trust in the support and advice shared by the multitude of this family at WA. enjoy your journey people i intend to. Nga Mihi
kahu Premium
Kia Ora Bro, Churr
VBobo Premium
I am an LPN never having the time or money to go back for my RN where all the opportunities are. It took me 9 years in Wisconsin to get up to $11.10 an hour and I was stuck in nursing homes. After moving to the state of WA 18 years ago my income increased with each additional job and I now average just shy of $50,000 a year. That may sound like a lot to some people but it's peanuts out here where it costs a lot to live. I am getting no where. I just don't make enough money to pay off debt, save for retirement and meet everyday expenses, never mind the extras that come along. I have always wanted to have my own business and work for myself. Before learning about w.a. I invested $10,000 plus into another company and I have yet to make any money. I am totally freaked ! Due to work related injuries and health issues I can't wait 5 years to make money on line. I am almost bankrupt. Please tell me somebody is getting it done out there and making money ? I am teachable and willing to work hard but am already sick and exhausted. Will gladly take all the help I can get. I am just getting started with w.a. I hope it's everything I need it to be.
Kyle Premium
This works. This is a "business" and like any business, you will get out of it, what you put into it. Take action on the training, work hard and ask for help along the way Virginia.

You have an unbelievable platform here to leverage to create your business, but at the end of the day it will be you and your hard work that will lead to success (along side with what you learn here).

Don't act out of desperation, act out of your desire to help others out and you will be much more successful online.
VBobo Premium
Thank you. I will try to act appropriately and not let my circumstances get in my way. Act with urgency not desperation.
Besides working on an extra income, it sounds like you could really use a professional financial management/debt counselor. I think if you look online, you might even find a Christian ministry that will help for free, or a service paid for by the government, if you qualify.
MarthaT Premium
I have spent at least 5 years online, trying to make far I've made less than $100. Yet I have spent several thousand. I can tell you there are a lot of people out there that don't really teach you to succeed, all they teach is their system. And then you are on their LIST and receive more and more "Stuff" that is going to help you make money! I'm very leery about giving my money now after being added to many lists and never really succeeding.
Kyle Premium
Yeah, unfortunately that has become the norm within the industry. So many of the "gurus" out there are just there to sell you their low quality products, once you do you are on their "buyers" list and they try to earn as much money as possible from you (through joint ventures, and promoting new crap they make).

We are truly different here, our business is built off of HELPING others and that has been the case since day one. I look forward to working with you and helping you in the journey FORWARD. Bright days are definitely ahead.
mcmark64 Premium
I read through a number of comments on this question and have yet to find any answers to the actual question as I see it. I really would like to know "what you earn" and "how long has it taken you?

I admit that when I first started looking to make money online I wanted to get rich quick. I understand now that that is a foolish attitude. So I agree that I have to put time and effort into this. But I would like to know what kinds of rewards I can expect to see for the amount of effort I put in?

The original question actually had some numbers in it related to a traditional job, but no numbers related to IM. The first example given is working 10 years to earn $60k a year. Okay, I can understand that. But if I work with WA in IM for 10 years what is reasonable to expect? Will I be making only $6k a year or could I be making $600k? I have no idea what anyone makes in this business.

One comment below tells of working 5 years in this business before even making a profit. I went to college for 4 years and came out making $40k a year. The article suggests that more can be made by spending 4 years "at this" instead of going to college. But all it states is that you will probably make A LOT.

So can anyone provide some real numbers?
FHagstrom Premium
Most people will be reluctant to discuss their private financial affairs but, maybe this can shed some light on the subject.
mcmark64 Premium
Thanks. Those did shed a little light on the subject.
jonaal Premium
Hey mcmark64. So it all depends on how much time and effort you put on it. 18 months ago I started to manage other companies facebook campaigns. I started managing $100/day and my % was 15% over the budget spent. Then, you can't even imagine how many companies needs the above managing. At this moment my campaign managing range from $800 - $3500/day, you can calculate the earnings. And to mention none of my clients is from Albania, where i live, they are worldwide based. I hope this answers your question. On the other hand i am triggered by affiliate marketing, because it is to create your own business not just manage other companies have sales.
Kyle Premium
Here is another post that will give you perspective: For me going full time took just over a year (in terms of income), but that was just the starting point.

What I thought was a good income back then has been skewed over the years of course as you don't stop your business once you reach a financial goal, that is just an incentive to continue growing your business (which is the exciting part).
valjoey Premium
How does one go about managing other companies facebook campaigns? What should I do, please advice?
CheBraxton Premium
I definitely agree with you here Kyle. Personally Ive been doing network marketing and running a home based business for about 6 years now and didn't make any money until my 5th year. It was 6 long years of doubt, inconsistency, and lack of support. Seeing to it as I'm very stubborn I never gave up.

Ive spent a ton of money on training and courses, which now I see the benefit in. All my downfalls have lead me to today and finding a program and community such as Wealthy Affiliate, which i wish I had found sooner. So I can honestly say with all that I've learned, time spent, and change shelled out the past 6 years, Id spend it all on WA...

Great systems work and WA is one of them. If you are committed to creating your own freedom time wise or financially and go at it as you would trying to work your way up through the corporate world, you will see success...Its really just a matter of YOU!