One of the most common questions I hear from aspiring entrepreneurs is...

"How long does it take you to earn money?"


"How long did it take you to go full time online?"

Personally, it took me around 3 months to make my first income online...and close to a year actually before I really had a handle on what I was doing and 2 years before I completely was running a self sufficient business.

2 years, a long time right?


If you are working a job, how long have you been working that job. Say you have been working at your place of employment for 10 years and you are earning $60,000 per.

It has taken you a full 10 years to get to $60K per year. And maybe if you work another 10 you will get up to $70K...or even $80K.

Big deal.

That is 10 years.

What if you took a year, invested it to yourself and your business online. What could you accomplish?


What if you decide to spend 4 years at this instead of going to school for 4 years to get an education that will likely be useless when you come out of University? Imagine what you could accomplish in 4 years working for yourself.


So the next time you go to ask someone how long it took you to earn what you earn, think of your current situation and think about how long it has taken you to get into your position you are in now.

If you are 40 and you make $40K per year. You have spent 20 years (post high school) of your life working to reach a salary of $40K.

Why not take some time to yourself and see what you can accomplish. A lot can happen in 6 months...a year...2 years...5 You just need to do it!

I just wanted to mention before I leave you today that if I gave up in my first few months online, I would not be where I am at today.

I have been full time online for the last 15 years, working from wherever in the world I like, truly enjoying the freedoms and the lifestyle of the Internet.

A month, even a year is a blip in time to invest into yourself and your business. If you put forth the effort, the sky is truly the limit and you not only have the education and the tools here at WA to take you to any level you want online, you have an incredible amount of expertise to "lean on" every step of the way.

I would love to hear your feedback on this topic and if you have any comments, questions, or stories to share, please leave them below.

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"...2 years, a long time right? WRONG. COMPLETELY WRONG. If you are working a job, how long have you been working that job. ...for 10 years and you are earning $60,000 per. "
What a terrible lack of logic (not to mention the bad punctuation). If you get hired for a job, how would you feel if you worked for TWO YEARS before they started paying you a reasonable wage? Better to compare blogging with other forms of self-employment. Sure beats trying to make money inventing things, unless you're really good (or lucky) at inventing. Probably better than freelance writing, unless you really know what you're doing and can travel and do articles for news providers.
And then there's this idiotic " If you are 40 and you make $40K per year. You have spent 40 years of your life ..." Well, if you're 40 and you took two years blogging before you start to make much, then you could also say "You have spent 40 years of your life..." to make whatever you're making by blogging!
Dear me, if this is an indication of what it takes to see this route as a good one for making money, the outlook seems pretty bleak.
First gentle slam. ouch
MrsNLynah Premium
I have said this before and when I said it the first time, I knew that I would be saying it until I was blue in the face (that will take some time, because it's hard to see blue through black, but I digress). It takes 5 years to become successful in an offline business 1-3 years online is a piece of cake.
Josh From Oz Premium
I started about 4 years ago and my first goal was to make enough money online to pay 1 weeks rent every month. This would help tremendously for my Family. I reached that goal after a few months of actual "taking action". There has been life in the way which I didn't do anything online for about a year.

Fast forward to today and I now earn enough to support my family, which includes my Wife not having to go back to work either. As for actual figures, lets just say I'm going to be close to 6 figures online this year. Which I think is absolutely amazing as I don't do this full time as I still have my offline Job. Wealthy Affiliate is the real deal and you may make errors along the way. We all did!. But KNOW people like you and me are making serious money online, so what's stopping you?.
Wait... you're making 6 figures online.... but you're still working an offline job, too? WHY?
First good thing here
Wow. Am so encouraged right now. I just started a few days ago.
Josh From Oz Premium
I have an offline painting business which I no longer work at but my Brother and my friend now do the 'work'. I just do the financials etc now. I keep the business open cause my Brother and friend like their jobs. For some reason I missed your message. Better late than ever. So yes I am VERY glad I earned nothing in the beginning so I could learn how to earn substantially more!
sjenkinsjr Premium
I am living proof of that, got a college degree and im not employed doing what I went to school for but im still paying the tuition. Every job I have had, I noticed the people around me and they have been there for 20, 30 or maybe even 40 years but look miserable, heck they made me miserable. I overheard them say "I only got 20 more year till retirement"... I have quit jobs because I was afraid of being those people and I never really see the point in remaining at a job for a certain amount of time.

My dad spent 25 years at his life at his old place of employment and toward the end he was let go because of policy the company wanted him to enforce. The company felt it was less of a battle to fire him then it would have been to remove or suspend all the union employees that had a problem follow those policies. Poor guy after all those years was a broken man worried about providing for his family,had to start from scratch and did nothing to deserve it. My father even had a hard time getting disability, social security and medicare when he finally decided he devoted enough of his time to society. You know that same company stuck it to him by firing him 6 month shire of his full pension even after he devoting all his time and dedication, WOW!

Personally I am tired of working hard for someone else to benefit, I am tired of devoting time to eployment that will only keep me a float and ready to start investing in myself.
truered Premium
I hear you! I'm tired of working my tail off as an educator, taking pay cuts and coming home so exhausted because the federal government decided that the only way to measure student learning is by having them take one standardized (biased) test after another.
I just heard an old Triumph song that confirmed what I have always known, "hold on to your dreams, even though it seems everyone around you has their little schemes, listen to your heart and hold on to your dreams"
Best of luck to you and your dad, karma will come back to that company that screwed him over!
sjenkinsjr Premium
Thanks for the kind words! I am all about hard work to get the things you want or need but it's time to work that hard for my ownself benefit!
freedom601 Premium
"Absolutely i do agree with you sjenkinsjr have been on my job for the last 16yrs i know we have to go work. To support our family we have to pay bills we to keep the roof over our family heads, i have been network marketing for a few years and it sll started back in 94 when i met this brother that was doing amway. When that brother was showing me how the market work a light went off in my head all i can say is it is possible. To own your own business yes fear is going to tell you that it is not possible!!!!!!!!! The question is do you believe in your self yes we work for someone else but or the own concern about your family, your financial, your future, please not saying that all owner or not concern about there employees but or they willing to show you how to own your own know a lot of us or conditions by there's position if it is to be it's up to me so community friends and family don't give up on dreams I just don't believe in failure so why not work hard for 6mos, 12mos,1yr,2yrs at the end of day it will happen with???????? God Help i believe that so stay encourage family.
sjenkinsjr Premium
Some powerful words of wisdom!
kahu Premium
Thank You, Kyle Hmmm interesting it has taken Me over 50years to earn what I earn a week at My present income, in fact, My income has risen and lowered through The years where I currently earn $nz860.00 after tax per week, in one of the most developed of western countries. I have always worked in Construction, Engineering, Oil and Gas, Power Stations, Minning Iron Ore and Nickel and Gold, Finally I am waking up to an Easier way to earn an income and less damaging to My Health. I at 69 years Young. As the Man said Its Never too late to make Changes. lol. It certainly appears to Me That I have Sure landed in The Right Place among You Fine Folk.
Are you already making any money here?