Hello everyone. I know this is a bit of a silly question, but how does Amazon Associates work? I live in Australia. Amazon U.S does not accept Australian bank accounts I have to go ? through Amazon Australia. Being a .com domain, is it pointless going through Amazon Australia? Thankyou for any advice you may have

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lesabre Premium
Hi Doug, seems like Chris has answered your question.

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doug48 Premium
actually, they are 2 very different things entirely. Im not interested in Amazon Associates. Theres too much red tape. They want an A.B.N number, wanted to know if im registered for g.s.t.You are selling on Amazon, definitely not interested in this. You are running an on line business.With Amazon affiliates, they want your tax file number, that's it Much easier. I thnk I know what id rather. Being an affiliate
chrisvs Premium
Hi Doug, Your .com will work internationally. If you go into Amazon Affiliates Portal they give instructions on how to set up your affiliate ID to work in any country. It will redirect any products on your page to the relevant country's Amazon pages and I believe, even translate the text if it's say, in German or French. Hope this helps.

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