Wanting some feedback on how some of you go about identifying your audience or readers within your particular niche?

...how's this for an answer: First, ask yourself this question, "who would benefit from reading my blog posts?"

For example, for my website Healthandwellnessforwomenover50.com, it's pretty easy to know who would benefit...women over 50, right?

Then, it gets narrowed down with each post; not all women over 50 will be interested in my latest post, Let's Talk About Sex: A Look At Sex During Menopause


This is more specific to women still in menopause who wish to continue having an active sex life.

See what I mean?

Now, you...


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richrivera Premium
Very informative, more to my wife's liking but Informative. Thank you.
My audience is a majority of baby boomers like myself.
CalebWycliff Premium
My niche is in the self defense area. And I pretty much target specific people and items using my keywords as posts. I'm still new to this but that is my starting point and then I'll move to social networks and forums that are related to my niche to expand my targeting.

Kind Regards
just4Kicks Premium
I'm still stuck at that point hun but you can look at you tube for assistance.it's what I do. however I took a break from the computer.
Surfdude123 Premium
I agree. It's information overload or maybe Im getting old.lol
BarbJaeb Premium
I sorta answered my own question...see my updated question
halinphilly Premium
If they post their photos, I can tell just by looking at them. My niche is Baby Boomers. :-)
BarbJaeb Premium
Surfdude123 Premium
Interesting. I think maybe Facebook groups or other online groups you could find. Idk. My niche is blogging tips so I have connected with a few groups but havent really targeted them. Maybe your keywords are the way to target specific audiences? Good question wish I knew more.