I've watched the training about creating your email account. Cannot get it to work properly. After I past it where I want it and click on it, it comes up "blank page" or site cannot be found.

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WayneTowns Premium
THX Akollar, I’ll try that
akollor123 Premium
Placing it on the contact page for readers to discover is the best.
However Someone suggested creating a mailto link, however not comfortable with that for the fact that SPAM bots are always crawling the Internet looking for email addresses. You are likely of getting a lot of SPAM if you display your email address textually.

You may install a contact form plugin ("Contact Form 7" is a good option), an image with your email address written on it or write it directly on your page/post masking it like "myemailaddress [at] mydomain [dot] com. Do not use links or display your email address textually on any page.

This way you can avoid SPAM issues.
billy947 Premium
Its an email not a url. Its suppost to be linked to an email you do not want the public to have. Give the public your email you just made up and link it to your regular email address.