how do people find where they are ranking on google ? does google search console have this info?

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jghwebbrand Premium
We use both Jaaxy and Google Search Console.

Jay, WAs resident webinar instructor has several great videos on using Google Search Console along with Google Analytics.
You can search on Google search console.
LouiseBT Premium Plus
Hi Frank
You can check site ranking on Google by making use of Jaaxy. Click on the Research tab on the top menu of the screen and enter the information there.
Hope this helps you.
bazboy247 Premium
Build your website first add content you seem to be always getting ahead of your self
Take action and create content first
BarbaraN Premium
You've got a lot of questions. We all did when we started out. Questions are fine because that's the way we learn. But, you will hear this a lot from some of us "old birds"--Follow the lessons, all of this will open up for you in time. Ranking on Google doesn't come right away. First, you have to get your website operational and fill it with content. Writing content will get you noticed in time. First You will be indexed, which only means Google has found you. Eventually with good content, one of your posts will end up being first, second, in your topic on Google's first page. That will be your rank. A lot depends upon your niche, and how many people out there are looking for information on that topic.

Google Search gives you information on traffic and that is covered in Level five. First, content, lots of content.
DianeScorpio Premium
Hi - this is not something to be concerned about at this early stage. It can take at least 6 months for any posts on a brand new website to be ranked by Google.

You need to show that you are an authority on your niche subject, and this is only done by having lots of informative, original written content.

Concentrate on writing lots of articles.