I just found out I've been doing images all wrong. I am an Amazon Associate and I now realize that I can't take screenshots of product images. My question is this. If I can only legitimately use one image of the product I am reviewing using SiteStripe, how do I populate the rest of my post with relevant images? I can't use any more of the product images...do I just use relevant ones from say, Pixabay? For example, if I am reviewing fitness tracker and can only use the main image, what do I use the rest of the post? Additionally...am I allowed to embed YouTube videos that let you into my posts?

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Swangirl Premium
I use a good featured image related to the topic. That is always easier on my pet site since I can use a cat or dog pic! Then I use the Amazon Text+Image links for each product. That is it. I don't use any other images since images are large and slow down load time and site speed.
sahalliwell Premium
Good to know! I'm now taking that into account as I go back and edit everything haha
Jukkah Premium
I just use the sitestripe function when I'm recommending a specific product and stock photos for additional images. To be honest I've started to add less and less images to my content. Here's one about fitness trackers I did some time ago:

This one I used a Fitbit I own, so the picks are my own:
sahalliwell Premium
Thanks so much! I've just started the work of redoing my pictures on all my reviews...this should be fun! haha