My membership renews tomorrow but I want to go back to Monthly from Annual. Please advise ASAP so I am not billed the full amount at once. Thank you!

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feigner Premium
it maybe too late to stop the payment - depending on where you are in the world.
but clicking cancel billing in the membership area of your account settings when clciking on your image in the top left will get you there.
then sign back in and you will be given the chance to start paying again.
or alternatively talk to someone in the billing contact page at
and select billing.
good luck getting it sorted
don't forget to backup your site before you cancel
SifuBobby Premium
How do you backup your site? If i cancel and then inmediately reenroll as a Monthly is there some sort of grace period that will protect my content? Thanks!
feigner Premium
i tend to use wpclone as abackup plugin and that creates a zip file with everything in.
if you cancel your account then you have 30 days to move a domain - so not being a member for a couple of days should not be a problem
your content is saved for up to 6 months but after the 30 days is archived
but i would not always trust others with my business - hence the reason to make your own backup
good luck