There are several marvelous blog posts in the WA postings that I would like to refer to later. How do I save or bookmark them so I can go back to them later?

Thanks, y'all!! Christine

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Rob001 Premium
Hi Christine,

I save everything I receive from WA in the same way as I save other email. It's only my preference but I have a general WA folder, a WA no 1 folder and a WA training folder.

Instead of saving it all in one place, I can separate everything into as many folders as I want according to what they are and why I want to save them. Needless to say your posts are in my no 1 folder!

Best wishes, Rob
CMKetay Premium
Awwwe, aren't you sweet! Thank, Rob!!!
Aussiemuso Premium
Great question Christine. I've been wondering the same thing.

Some terrific answers already.

Lily 😊
CMKetay Premium
Great minds!!!!!
AlexEvans Premium
Hi Christine as stated, we can save favorites, by clicking the star at the left of the tittle of blogs and training, add some tags to create a category associated with that content. Then click save.

We can access our favorites by clicking the star icon to the right of the question box of our main navigation bar of our WA home page. Scroll to the tittle we want.

If we are here for the long haul it can be useful to set up a spreadsheet, Google sheets, Excel, and have it sitting there tab open then just C & P the blog or trainings URL.

It can build up to a real body of knowledge for easy access, you can have WA open and also associated trainings and blogs for reference.

CMKetay Premium
Thank you, Alex!!!! Exactly what I needed, Appreciate your taking time to answer my question. Have a wonderful weekend!

allancurtis Premium
Click on the open Star image on the header line of the blog and then save the link ... here is a quick training post
DaveSw Premium
If you look at the top left of every blog post here to the left of the settings icon), you will see a star icon...Click on that, add any tags, and save...

Voila, you now have a saved post that you can get back to any time by hitting the star icon in the search window at the top of the page!

Dave : )