Can anyone help me transfer my purchased domain?
I purchased the domain from
As part of a package was turned over to be built which was never done. Can log in but can't change.
Can show screenshots of what I am talking about.

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merlynmac Premium
How long ago did you register it? If it was under 60 days, you can't transfer it yet but you can point it to WA.

If it's been more than 60 days you can transfer it to WA. The way that works is you go to Websites > Site Domains and click on Transfer a Domain to WA. You'll need the EPP transfer code so make sure you get that from To submit the transfer you will need to pay an annual registration fee again. Don't worry, the expiration date will be extended by a year so it's not like you lose that money.

If you have to do the point thing, just go to and change the name servers for the domain to WA's. Once done, go to Websites > Site Domains and add the domain name under Other Domains. You can then use it as if the domain was actually here at WA.
telethot Premium
Thanks so much. I will look into shortly.
merlynmac Premium
Any time.