I happen to be stuck at this page because, not being an expert in the fitness field that I chose makes me feel like a fraud. Having trouble coming up with content that sounds honest. If the point is to attract real traffic, how do I offer information I know about only as an enthusiast and still make the readers feel like they're getting useful information?

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Be authentic, people love that... when I first got a job in tv as a leader , my new team said "and what do you know about tv you know nothing ?" I simply replied "I am a consumer and a viewer so let's start there". Result = silence as they realised I was their audience!

I look forward to reading about you!
JeffWLewis Premium
In my opinion your about me page is about you. It could be the easiest page to write, just tell people about yourself, what you like, where your from, what goals you have and things your currently doing.

As far as not being exactly an expert on your niche, thats pretty easy too, most of your topics can focus on what the post topics means to you and how you will be using the information along with any research you've done on the subject.

Talk about the pros and cons of each subject and what you've found out about each pro and con.

If all else fails, either read or re-read kyles post about not being an expert!

Kyle - "There are also many niches over the years that I have been very successful within without knowing anything about them before getting into them. Dieting, voice over IP, hosting...are just a few." Good luck and keep going after it!
Emmo1968 Premium
Hi, you don't have to be an expert you just shouldn't lie.
For example, I have a site about running. I'm not a coach, but I have run many ultramarathons and have a lot of knowledge in that field with classing myself as an expert.

So for your niche, my advice would be, be honest. There is nothing wrong with doing research and then putting it in your own words.
After an hour of research, you probably have more knowledge than 90% of the people searching for that answer.

Just write the content in your words and make it original.

My about me page is my story from being an overweight smoker to ultra runner. It's honest and it connects with people, as well as being genuine.

Don't over think it. Many people have what they call imposter syndrome, meaning they don't think they are good enough to talk about something. Just push past that and be yourself.

Good luck.