How do I make my first dollar

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Carloeze Premium
Through hard work, Kumburkar. Just keep working.
AlexEvans Premium
Welcome to Wealthy Affiliate and best wishes as you explore the opportunity.

You will hear this a lot follow the training and the best place to start is right here; Just follow along and complete each task as you go.

Like everything in the world we make money by selling a product or providing a service.

For the online world, a very good formula is contained in the training.
megawinner Premium
Hard work, consistent and keep improving. Content is very important
LMH1968 Premium
Build a website, write lots of content, and join lots of affiliate programs.
Vickic3 Premium
This is a real business opportunity not a get rich spam site.
Building a business takes time and hard work so if this is, go start the training so you can learn the skills and use the tools here in WA to create and build a great business online.
jameslee7 Premium
I like this comment. Seen it so many times, but it is very true, I've seen myself try the "shortcuts" of trying to make a dollar the quick way