How do I log out and back in?

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AparnaBansal Premium
Profile pic (top left corner) > Log out (bottom of pop-up menu)
keishalina9 Premium
hey hi Robert & welcome to Wealthy Affiliate starter!

Scholarly question and all questions are good ones here.....

Looks 👀 like you've got a helpful reply thread going and some wonderful answers . . .

To help guide you around more effectively on this amazing platform, check out this 11-minute video on 'important stuff .... "

Very worthwhile your time to view it, simply click on the blue link here > > > hope it all works out ok for you .... and enjoy the amazing WA journey to Success!

and feel free to ask questions as you just did here for clarification on your training or the platform ... the awesome WA community of members are happy to jump in to assist you with your queries as you can see from this question that you've presented ....

all the best .... cheerio .... :)
JKulk1 Premium
Just click on the menu top left. When your profile page comes up with websites etc just click on your profile picture . This will bring up another page that has logout at the bottom. Jim
LiamnKiera Premium
Hi click on the right arrow next to your profile picture and there will be a menu with a logout option. Hope that helps!
MarionBlack Premium
Click on your account icon top left and you'll find the log out button. To log in just return to and you can use your email address and password that you created to log in again.