how do i know if google is penalising my content, i found an aritle on another website and modified it for my own use ? !

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jghwebbrand Premium
You can lookk at others content when you do research, but see if you can come up with a new approach to presenting the data so it becomes original.

If your content is too much like what others are saying, the content will not rank well. It's not a penalty, but it will not rank highly and you will get a small volume of traffic.
feigner Premium
if you think about it form googles point of view has chosen 10 posts that it thinks are relevant to that search....
so you essentially copy a post .....
why would google rank that highly...
what new or updated information are you giving to the reader...
why should google rank you....
i wish you well with your strategy
AbieAJ Premium Plus

You may research other people's work however all content must be original written in your own words.

Can you give us more clarification on "modified"?

Thank you.
DianeScorpio Premium
Hi - everything on your website has to be original and written in your own words. You can look at articles on other sites for inspiration, but you can't copy and paste any part of them.

So, I guess it depends on what you mean by "modified" - did you rewrite it entirely, or did you copy some of it?
linehanbrows Premium
I changed every 5th or 6th word is this a black hat strategy ?
DianeScorpio Premium
Yes, Google will be able to immediately see what you have done, and that post will not rank highly.