I believe I was wrongly banned from making comments. If you review the comments I wrote, I think they were pretty good. The only 3 comments I was disapproved for were from the same person. I've already been approved for numerous other comments

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TommyPotter Premium
Remember that the decision about accepting or not your comments is of the person who asks for them, so even in the case that you have given the right comments if that person doesn't like them, is the owner of his/her site, so have the right to decide whatever she/he thinks is better.
I think that if one person has rejected your comments take it off and try with another person.
franmoley Premium
I get that but do I have to get banned for it? It's not like my comment was spam or anything like that.
preciousns Premium
I would recommend contacting Kyle or Carson, I imagine they would be able to get you unbanned.

I agree, it seems a bit odd that you would be banned for just 1 person rejecting your comments, especially if they were not spam comments like you said.

Hopefully you can get it sorted soon.