i accidently trashed an article ,how can i get it out of the trash ?

where is the trash bin ?

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apache1 Premium Plus
Go to your dashboard then click post or pages depending on which one you are looking at

click that then all the posts you have in the trash bin will show up at the top

Please follow these steps in order

1) Go to your posts or pages on your dashboard you will see Trash at the top

2) Select Trash to open it up

3) Put a tick in the box of the post or page you want to restore

4) Then above that, you will see bulk actions click that.

5) Select restore make sure it is restore you click nothing else

6) Click apply.

Once done your post will be restored.

I have attached images for you with each step I just explained.
linehanbrows Premium
thanks for that you went to a lot of trouble i re edited the privacy policy ? !
apache1 Premium Plus
No probs it is worth the time to help a fellow member
richardgb Premium
I presume you mean the Trash in your WP dashboard?
Was it a Post or a Page?
Go to Post or Page whichever is appropriate top left in the WP dashboard ...
towards the top you'll see a row of icons including Trash ... click Trash and you can selectively recover what you want from there.