I'm sure you get about 50,000 notes a day, but I'm looking to connect with a top WA-er who has a successful travel site. I'd like them to mentor me.

Any thoughts on some top folks in that niche I can approach?

Thanks if so!


P.S. WA is the best thing since not only sliced bread but bread itself.

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Jaz333 Premium
Hi Howard :) So you know, your question posted to the 'Getting Started' classroom where all members can see. Not sure if this was your intention or if you were attempting to send a private message to Kyle (I did this once lol).

Anyhow, I know I'm not Kyle but I'll try to answer your question best I can. Without knowing what each members niche area(s) are, the only thing you could do is to go to the WA rank page and check out the profiles of each person going down the list. Look at the "Follow Me On" section where links are shared to see what type of sites each of them share, if any. If you don't know where this section is, here is a link to guide you: Also, if you didn't know, to find the WA rank page, click on your rank number below your profile photo in the upper left. This will take you to a list of I believe the top 200 here at WA.

Keep in mind too, you will only find these shared links visible if those members are within your network and vice versa.

Hope that helps give you some direction :)
Best, Shannon
HowardFF Premium
Thanks, Shannon,

And yes, I DID think I was sending a PM to Kyle as I did when first joining, but I now know that I don't have to choose "Pick classroom"?

In any event, I'll follow that link and then look around the rankings. I had already sent PMs -- real ones :) -- to some Top Helpers to see if they knew anyone.

Thanks again!

Jaz333 Premium
You will find too, just because a member isn't ranked in the top 200 does not mean they are not highly successful with their site. That just means they are less active within the WA community so I wouldn't limit myself to just people within top WA rank :)