I think I have a BIG problem. for some reason the whole URL dose not show when im linking it to other pages. the "www" is not showing up and people are telling me that can not get to my page

ANY kind of response would be useful...please!!!

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CharlotteH39 Premium
thanks guys. I had an outsider check it out for me...all is well
KatieMac Premium
see you have had some good advice I hope you manage to sort it out
janicebowles Premium
When you say you are linking do you mean that you are linking text? If so, when you insert the URL into the link box, check that you do not have two 'http;//' in there.

Oh I see masirois have said the same thing :)
masirois Premium
I'm not sure what process you're using, but if you want to insert a link, you can highlight the text you want to link, then click on the icon in your editor tool bar that looks like a chain link.

A text box will appear which is where you paste the URL. Typically it will be in this format: http://yoururl.com the www isn't necessary if the http:// is there.
mindflare327 Premium
It doesn't matter if you type in the www or not. For example if you type in google.com or www.google.com you will get to the same place. Same with your website. Try it yourself in a browser with and without www and you should still get there no matter what.

As far as the linking issue, Make sure that you have the link typed in correctly. When I post links, I always copy and paste. That way I am sure I won't make a typo. Hope this helps.

Best wishes,