I completed the pixabay sign-up BUT not receiving their confirmation email. How do I contact them?

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MarionBlack Premium
theresroth Premium
Under API, I found the following, but it's the German office, as I'm from Switzerland:

Pixabay Germany, Hans Braxmeier
Tel: 0049 (0) 731 / 800 1660
e-mail: info@pixabay.com

But I think they speak English too.....☺
theresroth Premium
Forum - Service - Impressum, that's how I got to the address, hope it helps you!
Or you could try writing in the forum directly.....
wb5yjs Premium
I wrote in the Forum & sent an email to Pixabay Customer Service BUT no response form either.

I wonder if Pixabay has a 'Live-Chat' or phone number.