I would like to change my URL. How do I change my URL?

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jghwebbrand Premium
Welcome to WA.
Looks like you wish to change your URL for your website.

If you are referring to the free siterubix.com domain name you can do the following delete it and create a new free one.

How to delete and build different free website.
Menu Bar -> websites -> Site manager -> find your website
Look in lower right hand corner for "details" click on it.
Then scroll down and look in bottom left hand corner for "delete"
Click it.
To create a new one
Menu Bar -> websites -> Build Website -> Free website.

Please be aware that if you buy a domain name you are the owner for one year. To get a new domain name you must purchase another one.: There are industry standards for registering a domain name so once they are purchased the own owns it for one year. After one year if nothing is done it will expire. A domain name can be renewed after a year if desired.

Using a free stierubix.com domain name is very helpful because you can delete it and start over. If you like it however and build content on it, you can MOVE it to a domain name you purchase. The MOVE is a matter of clicking a button. Everything moves (the content pages and posts, plugins, theme, images and settings). Its a great feature. We use it and like it.
AbieAJ Premium Plus

If the URL of a dot com and made a mistake, you need to purchase a new domain.

If the URL of a siterubix subdomain, you can delete and start again, however I’d save my work in site content.

If title and tagline (Just another WordPress site), settings > general edit and save changes.
AbieAJ Premium Plus
To delete a siterubix subdomain, click details on subdomain in question in site manager, onward next page scroll all the way to the bottom and click delete.


Then you may go to Site Builder


Choose a free domain, enter credentials and follow procedure.

However I'd save any content I have made in site content.


However so, you may start with a siterubix subdomain around a focused niche and build up content and until you are satisfied with your niche and name, down the line have your own dot com, as some affiliate programs do not work with a subdomain. Cost of which is $15 yearly each privacy included. You can then move your siterubix to your dot com applying the move feature found within the site manager which is an easy process.

Hope this helps.