I am using cleanr theme in WP. When I was building my free site, the comment box was showing up, but when I copy/paste to my personal domain name, the comment box is not showing up.

I searched the question and made the suggestions by Rich concerning the Screen Options. Still no worky. What critical step did I overlook? Thanks so much.

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nomda ploom Premium
that link is not opening, Brenda, FYI.....ooops error msg
bkcook Premium
Sorry. Let's try it without the www I'm still muddling through this ile of information. brendakayecook.com/
bkcook Premium
Thought about that so the other window I opened was for Firebox, but that tip with chrome was good and I filled it away. Still didn't work. Guess I really did a good job breaking something. I was never accused of doing things halfway.

Really weird. My blog page (first page) has a link on the top for comment. None of the other pages has anything like that at all.

Maybe if you take a look, you'll see something I can't. www.brendakayecook/ I know the site looks pretty bad, but I figure I'm under no time limit and I'm enjoying myself so it's all good.

Thanks for the help.
Mark Tait Premium
Hi - are you maybe "remembered" by your web browser? It may be that it knows who you are, and doesn't expect you to comment on your own post.

If you are using Chrome - you can press the Control, Shift and N keys - and this will open a new browser window for you, where it "forgets" you are already logged in.

I hope this helps?

bkcook Premium
Done, still not showing up. This is where the previous discussion I found stopped. I opened another window to log directly onto my webpage to make sure I wasn't still logged on somewhere, so I thought of that as well.
crp2511 Premium
The comment box is called "discussion" in WP, confusingly. Make sure you have it ticked in screen options, and then you can check the box underneath your post to turn it on.