When I try to login with the password given to me from the email tab of "Build My Website" I get the screen shown here: https://www.evernote.com/shard/s354/sh/9cca855e-2fa9-41ed-be3e-79e860db9086/c0c0fa4e31851aa30a16fb9f851d53d2.

Can anyone help so I don't have to create a support ticket?

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Ncuomo Premium
Louellen is probably right Jeremy
louellen Premium
Hi Jeremy - the same thing happened to me and I think it's because I "messed" around with my log in thinking I wanted to show my name on posts versus "admin." And I think I changed my password in the process, so now I have to manually log in every time I want to work on my website. Anyway, try this when you get redirected - Replace the "Jeremy" with "admin" and then type in your password that you use when editing your website. Hopefully this works. Good luck!
pjmyers Premium
Sounds like the IMAP server had a 'hissy fit'. Wait for a bit, try again and then do a support ticket. This is a server issue.
byrona Premium
Wish I was a little bit smarter. Make that a big bit smarter. Then maybe I could help you! Right now I'm still out in left field!
apache1 Premium
Did you try to refresh your browser first if still a problem best to go with a support ticket
Take care lets us know what the issue was if it is relevant to us. Wishing you well