Hi guys, today I have been going through some of the old blogs here at WA. Reading peoples success stories I was hoping there might be some stories where people have done really well in their first year of blogging.

I've found some stories where people have started doing well in the first 2 years but none where WA members have done really well in year 1.

If anyone knows of any such blogs could you please share them with me?

Many thanks in advance.


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MelWaller Premium Plus
My WA membership was paid fairly quickly with commissions from Premium referrals. How fast people get paid is based on many things and includes taking consistent action.

davebux Premium Plus
Alex, that's a good question.
I often wonder how others are doing.
juddpuppy Premium
almost 2 years and nothing yet, still working on it
chivs86 Premium
Almost 2 years for me too. 22 months in November.
JeffreyBrown Premium
That one was easy, Alex! I totally did almost nothing my first 1.5 years in WA! My own fault, but there you go!

jghwebbrand Premium
Of course you might guess, Kyle and Carson have a great success story around the 1 year mark. WA does not require us to post our success so there will be others who have not posted their success because that is a personal thing...

I believe Little Mama may have posted something around the first year.

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