Hello everyone, just bought the domain name and received an email which asked to verify my email address , I tried to verify it and this page came on which said :

Not Verified
Sorry, this verification link is no longer valid due to one of the following reasons:
It has already been verified
It has expired or has been cancelled. Any pending contact change that is cancelled is no longer subject to verification.
By verifying your email address, you acknowledge that you have read and agree to the Registration Agreement.

How would I make sure If my domain would not be suspended and it has been verified, please help

Thank you

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jtaienao Premium
Is it your website email. If it is I would put in a ticket with site support to resolve this problem.
Nazila12 Premium
Hi dear Thanks for you reply , yes it is ,
I like to connect this new domain name to the websit which I already build with WA and I am sure I am doing something wrong in here here :( how would I be able to create an ticket for it?
jtaienao Premium
On the left side of your page, select site rubix. From there you will select site support. Fill out the form and they will get in contact with you. Their response time is pretty quick. I hope this helps you out.