I want to view my site to do lesson 8/10.

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merlynmac Premium
On what phase or level and which training?
maryukkad Premium
I finished lesson 7/10 and going to do 8/10 but i can not view my site to see the navigation bar and the widgets. At my back page also there is a notice bar above the Welcome to Wordpress which says, "This theme recommends the following plugins: Contact Form, Drag and Drop Form Builder for WordPress – Everest Forms and One Click Demo Import.
Begin installing plugins | Dismiss this notice"
What will I do here?
merlynmac Premium
OK, if you want to view your site just go to the site URL (i.e. https://yourdomainURLhere.com). That should load your page not the back end. If it doesn't, you should see a menu at the top with your site name. If you click it Visit Site should be an option you can click to actually view your website.

As for the recommendations, I usually install them because some theme features my depend on them.