Having a problem with the site content editor. It seems that as I am typing, the body of the page is continually scrolling up, eventually putting the text out of my view thereby making it impossible to see what I am in fact typing.
I tried logging out and back on, tried rebooting my computer, and finally changed to a different computer; yet the problem persists.
Do you have any suggestions?

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feigner Premium
i have heard about something similar before - but don't remember the fix.
have you tried the search bar to see if anyone else has had th problem
or give sitesupport a nudge - although it isn't strictly their remit - they may know the fix.
Have you tried clearing the cache on your browser - make sure you know other passwords before you do this - i tend to selectively clear the cookies for a particular site rather than everything.
but i hop you manage to get this fixed in the near future.
kpharm Premium
Thanks Phil, for now I've just decided to write my content on a word or ios document and just cut and past it to a template in the site content editor.

I'll continue to work on resolving the issue and post the solution if I happen to discover it.