WA Team,

No fault of WA! When I was a HostGator, somehow my email was found by some entity (bots? Darth Vadar? Evil Roy Slade?) and I get hundreds of spam emails per day.

I've been trying to "block sender," but it looks like the evil empire is smart enough to generate alternate email addresses?

Is there ANYTHING I can do to halt these emails?

The site is my:


email is


I've pretty much stopped getting legitimate email on that email, but wondered if you could help me since you are a internet genius!

Loving the training.

Only problem, I sometimes stay up WAY to late working on WA when I should get to bed because I need to get up early the next day for my current job!

But LOVE WA! My initial hesitations have completely vanished.

Thanks for any advice (shut down the email for a while? How long?) you can shoot my way.

Roger, The Smiling BassHole

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NemiraB Premium
Hi, I guess you can use a plugin such as Antispam Bee. You install it and no worries about junk mail. It works pretty well. All the best.
rogeraford Premium
Ooooo, I'll give that a try. Thanks!
rogeraford Premium
I did install Antispam Bee on the website. That was last night. I got about 200 emails after that.

Maybe it takes a while for it to fully activate?

Or do I need to do something in the email program itself?


Roger, The Smiling BassHole