I've rebuilt my site by deleting old site and re-editing it. I installed Google Analytics to the site before deletion. I appreciate advice on how I can re-add Google Analytics to my revised site (how to remove the old GA and install a new GA). Thanks for advice.

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ElwinDutton Premium
Hi Chengckalex,If you still have the same domain name,and using the same theme you should be ok if you still have the tracking code in the head section of your website.If you don't have the tracking code you would have to go to Google Analytics and get your tracking code an place that code in the head section of your theme above this code </head> and save it.Then go back to Google Analytics and click on (Fetch as Google) and it will tell you if it's good or not.
tdifranco Premium
I'm not sure I understand the question if the site had Google analytics overhauling the site would not change that as it is tied to your domain name in a separate tool. Review lesson 9 in course 3 and follow the steps again. Hopefully that will help
KatieMac Premium
I agree with Ken you can go and delete the old analytics and set it up as a new site same process
kennick2015 Premium
You should be able to delete all the old analytics through your Google admin area. Then add new site and go through the verification process again.
AngelsBird Premium
I also think the data Google analytics has now is of no use.
You have to wait until Google has indexed your new content...
You can "force" this also with Google search console but even then you are waiting a week before everything is re-indexed...