I'm in WA only 14 days ... just to know. I'm in the online business for quite some time but through similar things ... I'm owner of website, which is a local media. I know you can make money online ... so I searched online things that are true and not some scam ...
My question is how and how long it takes to earn for a free life?
I think that people are most interested in, people do not like deception ...
I know it's a general question, but people, we love the truth ... at least I am not afraid of work...
I also know that it is a process, an education, to earn some money...
Looking for a online business more than 2 years ... here in WA is really warm, I have to admit, home warm.

Be real, be you.
It's enough.


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ETZEL Premium
Paskalye bayraminiz kutlu olsun !
AndrejNovak Premium
Happy holidays to you too...
GautamWorld Premium
Good luck, Andrej! How long you will take depends entirely on you!!
AGOgden Premium
Well said...Press On!