I have a domain I purchased before I found WA at Namecheap with hosting for 1 yr and would like to transfer it to WA.( FixWithTools.com ) to get the premium benefits

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keishalina Premium
hey hi Ron & welcome to Wealthy Affiliate Premium!

Wonderful question and all questions are considered good ones here...

Sure, good idea to transfer your domain and to move your website to WA ....

here's a post that you might find helpful >>> and if you run into any issues, suggest you might want to initiate a service request to WA's Site Support (via the Help Center) and make it all happen correctly for you ....

simply click here and say yes to website:

All the very best to you for every Success, cheerio ... :)
AbieAJ Premium
Hi, there's two ways, you may like

To update your domain DNS settings to point to WA. Here are the DNS settings.

ns1 . mywahosting . com
ns2 . mywahosting . com

These settings will be updated within your domain registrar (where you purchased your domain) after the transfer has taken place.

Or transfer domain to WA Site doesn't look like there's content, says loading, however if you have content you need speak to site support for further instructions