I there any special tool needed or plugin to add to site?

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wes2 Premium
Thanks very much Igor13
Igor13 Premium
Normally, You need plugin, but You also add just the link if it is about YouTube videos. HTML player 5 is also fine, you may also sign up for vimeo or other video display services, for free.
LouisaB Premium
Hello Wes,

Videos are something that works very well. I haven't tried them yet but will love to.

Great Success!
wes2 Premium
Thank you Kmer. Proberly both that really helps
kmer6 Premium
Charles, you will need a plugin to show video's. Will they be from YouTube, or homemade video's that you will upload? From YouTube, there is a plugin, what I use, YouTube Embed Wordpress, Go to your dashboard of your site. Go to plugins and at the top search bar type YouTube Embed Wordpress. The plugin comes up, click on it, download to your site, you are all set.
I hope this helps.