I want to create a website, in which I want to show the ways that one can promote affiliate products by doing various methods and strategies on JVZoo & Warrior Plus.
I also want to create content on how one can create his/her own product and promote it on JVZoo & Warrior PLus.
Here I want to mention that I already promote products on these both plate forms and making money now and then, which is not enough to replace the full income.

I discussed this idea to my friend, he told me that this niche is very competitive.
I need an expert opinion on this regard that whether should I quit this idea or not.

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SamuelI2 Premium
Hey, Sam here most people get stuck when it comes to choosing a niche the truth is that it really doesn't matter because it can change... but here's something that can help generate more sales First welcome to wealthy affiliate my friend. Sincerely,
naeemawan Premium
Hey Samuell, thanks for you awesome advice.. Actually I'm following bootcamp, as soon as I finish that course then I go through this training
MinaKim Premium
Hi there-- Well, although I'm not expert, I think I can your question.
What you've said is already a niche. Promoting affiliate products using strategies and methods on JVZoo OR Warrior Plus.
I think it will be more strategic if you focus on one platform so, you'll be THE GO-TO GUY when people have queries about either of the two.

Then, with regards of being competitive, they said, if it's competitive there's money 😊.
And you really have to make your content be the best of the best out there to rise above the competition.

Good luck!
naeemawan Premium
Thanks for your reply... Actually JvZoo & Warrior Plus two different plate forms but both launch digital marketing products where JVs promote their products and get the commission per sale
MinaKim Premium
I know it's two different platforms that's why I said you have to choose between the 2. Focusing on one target will help you to build your authority.