I think this problem may be connected, and refers to my site findingblissinthechaos.com
First of all, I have somehow lost my home page. When the banner is clicked or the url is typed in, it will go there just fine, but the home page is missing from my menu bar. I have checked my pages trash can and it's not in there.
I also can't seem to get the home page to show a summary blog roll. It is showing full posts, even though I have it set to summary in my settings.
Any ideas? Thanks!

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KatieMac Premium
I also agree with PJ I had to change my theme as it did not support this function
Sherefashion Premium
I agree with PJ and the video, but if this doesn't work you may have to change your theme as I had to do many times.I hope not because it's a great theme. Good luck.
PjGermain Premium
Dara, Your theme may simply be lacking the "Home" menu option.

Please review this video, it may help you discover what you're after:
jvranjes Premium
Go to Appearance, Menus and search for Home page there, then add to menu. it will appear on the right-side in the menu. Then save the menu.

Go through your posts and add "read more' after first paragraph, save, publish (update) etc. You will have your blog roll.
darajeanne Premium
Home page is back!! Yahoo!
I tried a few permutations of the "read more" but it wasn't working, so I went to text instead of visual and added the <!--more--> tag where I want the page break Worked beautifully!
Thank you so much for the help!
jvranjes Premium
Great to heart that. Good luck.
GreatTimes52 Premium
I don't see a home page either ...are you full at the top with the options?