feel like I'm reading in circles--been reading for 3 days and still do not understand how this is going to benefit me and website states do not hesitate to ask but I never get a reply back

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mickeyb123 Premium
If you are not getting an answer, we should be ashamed. PM your sponsor or ME! (click on our name to go to our profile and click on the PM link at the top.)
WA86VmT Premium
Hi Kathy;
Agatha KM had a question about niches, site building and monetizing.
Here is a copy of my reply to her question.
Hope it helps.
Send me a private message if you need more help.


As an example:
Baby swimsuits
...Water safety tips
...Best safe color for a baby swimsuit
...Shopping for baby swimsuits
...When taking baby to swin dont forget skin protection
...Safety and preventing accidents
...who is in charge and looking at the kids
...do's and don'ts around public pools
...At the beach\
...In the yard ..basic safety tips
...Hotel pools
...Should you read a book while watching baby swim?

These are some page titles you can write on. The idea is to
1.. Help young mothers to LEARN about this subject
2. Do not think money just now..
3. CONCENTRATE on being the greatest educator and specialist in your chosen site main subject
The rest will follow in due time.

Hi again Agatha;
As you can see it will be very easy to monetize all of these pages in the future. To do this you MUST educate and become THE expert on the matter. Education and giving FREE information to HELP is the FIRST key to success here.
Learn about your page's subjects, research and write about the subjects ( no copy and paste here..you would be discovered in a second) be yourself..write like you were talking with another mother over lunch.
Your site will grow over time, more and more people will visit your site and eventually you will GAIN RESPECT for your ideas and advice ..THEN you will see results coming in..Slowly at first and increasing over time.
Hope all this helps you.
scottdogg187 Premium
What do you need a hand with Kathy?

Do you have questions about the training or need help coming up with a niche?

I have spent a few minutes breaking down the whole process of what you'll be doing when first starting out.

Check it out below!!

Determine your niche idea ( Hobby or interest of yours) Something you're extremely passionate about.

Build a website around this idea (Writing content)

Learn how to generate traffic (Visitors) to your website

Earn Revenue (Sales) from your website visitors

By the time you complete lesson 4 you should have your first website built and ready to add content to it.

How far are you in the training yet?

Have you had the chance to build your first website yet?

If you have any questions or need my help please let me know.

I hope you're enjoying what's left of your weekend and I'll be here if you need a hand with anything going forward.