I can access my site from another PC and also my mobile phone but only from this particular PC (which I use mainly).

Site support here told me to clear my cache, flush my DNS and use a different browser, which I tried but I still can't access from this PC

Can anyone help? The error message shows certificate error.

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MarionBlack Premium
It could be that you're running a security program on your PC. Temporarily deactivate your security programs and see it that works.
onebluemoon Premium
site support here told me it's not a security issue as it's not blocked by a firewall. I'm at my wits' end here.
nathaniell Premium Plus
Remember that if you have several failed login attempts, it may block you. Try again after a day and make sure you are using the correct password.

Are you logging in via the WA "log in" button, or using your password and logging in manually?
stanharry777 Premium
tnx mate.
onebluemoon Premium
I can login from my mobile but not my PC, so it's not being blocked and it's not a password problem. I think the problem lies with this particular PC, so I was wondering whether there is any other option to resolve this? I have tried clearing browsing history and tried to login from a newly installed browser but still it doesn't work.
TommyCampbel Premium
Most browsers offer the ability to save your username and password. As such, sometimes these can become corrupt and need to be cleared. Are you manually typing out the username and password to enter WA? I see you are able to log in using your phone but not your PC so that only tells us that the password you are using on your mobile is correct and that WA is passing authentication from your mobile. It really doesn't tell us anything about your PC. You also mentioned clearing history. Most browsers separate clearing history from clearing your password cache and this option would have to be checked specifically to clear the password cache. The thing that is odd here is that you've installed another browser and are seeing the same behavior with a brand new browser.

Are you using a password manager like LastPass? Sometimes these may have more than one password saved in your password vault and it could possibly be trying to use the wrong one.

Most browsers have security settings which can block specific sites. You may want to back down the security to the least restrictive and give that a try. If you find it works then dig around in the same area and look for the WA site listed and remove it from the list and then bump the security back to medium or high.

Also if you have any add-ins or extensions for your current browser (ie - pop-up blockers) it can cause problems like you are describing.

Give these things a try and hopefully, it can help.

onebluemoon Premium
Oh wow, what a comprehensive guide! I finally solve the issue! A million thanks for this!