I don’t know what I’m doing. I really want to start my business!

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DBlanchard Premium
Hello Stella,

Like everyone else said here, you need to start with the training and follow it through. By doing so you will build your online business and your website as you learn. The training is made up in a way that it's a step-by-step method that will get you there.

And also like everyone else said, please don't hesitate to reach out when you have a question or you are in a jam. Members are very helpful (as you can see with all the answers to your questions) 🙂
KDeaney Premium
I would say follow along with the lessons and just do what they say and build your site a little bit by little bit. Good luck.
judymastro Premium Plus
I felt the same way. Keep learning the first 5 lessons in level 1 until you thoroughly understand. Follow every word from the lessons. You will get it.
Good luck.
Hanneke1970 Premium Plus
Where do you need help i’m in thé Netherlands si there is a timegap bit ask what you need to know and i try to help you out